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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Veni, Vidi, Visa (I came, I saw, I did a little shopping)


Music Monday: Eurovision 2016

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has come and gone. I managed to miss both semifinals and had to spend time on YouTube catching up with those that did not advance, but Saturday night was a fun party, as usual. As a whole, it’s been a good year. Sure, some of the nicest songs didn’t make it to the final (Finland, Moldova, Montenegro), while some that did were rather meh, but at least there were no cringeworthy stunts like Guido or Dustin the Turkey. I like the new point system as well, what with keeping up suspense until the last moment and all.

These were my personal favourites, in precise and particular order, which of course doesn’t overlap much at all with the official votes.

Music Monday: Syncopated Ladies in Formation

Any plans or ideas I might have had for today’s suggestion just flew away as soon as I saw this. Take it away, ladies – all of you.

Music Monday: January roundup

Of course I wasn’t the only one who went on a Bowie kick after the sad news on the 10th. I may be a minority in not having all his albums or worshipping his ’70s period, though. I still love what he did in the ’80s. Style over substance? Maybe. People like what they like.

Sonata Arctica just elbowed themselves into my consciousness for no apparent reason (they’re not even having a new album out), demanding I listen to their entire canon again, and I was happy to oblige. It is the Wolf Moon month, after all. Perhaps they just wanted a chance to kick the staples off the podium!

1. David Bowie (178)
2. Sonata Arctica (133)
3. Blind Guardian (126)

Music Monday: Live on, Goblin King

RIP, David Bowie. The music world would have been a much duller place without you.

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