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Music is certainly the fuel of creative insanity

An entry completely out of order (because why not?) to pay tribute to the artists whose twisted visions of the world fuelled my latest NaNoWriMo project. It’s been a difficult gestation, and the music choices, logged by trustworthy, reflect that. Lots of Mittelalter-Rock, which sounds a lot better than the apparently oxymoronic ‘medieval metal’, on top of the usual spooky and/or epic stuff, all seasoned with girl anger. It’s a heady mix.

1. Nox Arcana (421)

2. Midnight Syndicate (271)

3. Adrian von Ziegler (248)

4. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows (196)

5. Letzte Instanz (159)

6. Blind Guardian (147)

7. Saltatio Mortis (141)

8. Nightwish (138)

9. Subway to Sally (138)

10. Schandmaul (131)

11. Emilie Autumn (121)

12. Mediaeval Baebes (105)

13. Epica (86)


Selfish Saturday: NaNo-ing away

gothicwriterIt’s almost November, so, as is customary, the Waffle will be going on hiatus while the Waffler is tackling another 50K novel draft.

At the time of writing this, I still have only the foggiest of plot ideas. My muse handed me a title and ordered me to fit things around it. I’ve found, over time, that complying with the muse, however outrageous his demands, pays off a lot better than trying to contradict him. The fact remains, though: this is going to be a year of hardcore pantsing.

While I direct my powers of research and creativity elsewhere, this page will be reading H.P. Lovecraft’s classic essay, Supernatural Horror in Literature, followed by as many similarly-themed stories as can fit in the rest of the month. If atmospheric horror is your thing, definitely stick around!

Selfish Saturday: The travelling writer


It’s been a long time since I last bothered to put anything in this slot. There has been a period of dissociation, when I felt that nothing that happened mattered enough to be noted, as if their impact was cushioned. Apathy, pure and simple.

I’m mobilising again because Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner and another Owl City Chronicle wants to be written. As if that were not enough, I’m finally heading back home to Athens for my first visit in over 4 years. After that kind of deprivation, I’m bracing for a stimulation overload – linguistic, cultural, interpersonal, all possible kinds. Changes will happen while I’m away. I can only hope they won’t be for the worse.

So the whole of April, like every time I go down into a writing project, will be no-new-material time. There will be bites from DailyOM to give people chances at little epiphanies as well. Back with the regular programming in May – and since May opens with Orthodox Easter, there might be more than one resurrection on the cards.

Selfish Saturday: Madness and Decadence

After a hard few weeks and a frustrating half-term break, I have finally been rewarded with an extremely fun Halloween night, which is just what I needed before I launch into NaNoWriMo (with a write-in kicking off on the stroke of midnight, less than an hour from now). I’ll be working on a story that has been percolating in the back of my mind practically since last year’s NaNo, and must be finished, or I’m sure I won’t like what my muse, temperamental at best, will do.

For the duration of the annual madness, there will be, as usual, no original posts. Instead, there will be another story from my beloved Arthur Machen: A Fragment of Life, another of those in-between states that the master did so well. Maybe some poetry from the so-called ‘Decadent’ school, as well. Those of you in a gothic mood (what better mood for November?), do stick around.

Selfish Saturday: (Some) missions accomplished

Keep+Calm+and+Cross+It+OffSchool’s out. No more keeping up with arrangements for the young one. At least for six weeks. Now I just have to survive these six weeks with next-to-zero privacy…

The dental appointment was kept, the tooth was pulled. It was surprisingly quick and struggle-free. I’m still getting used to the gap, but I’m almost back to normal, less than three days after.

The NaNo project is completed and validated. The sequel went so well, I actually have ideas for two more. I’m beginning to understand how pro writers create book series… I think.

There is work to be done around the house, but not as much as I anticipated, since the inspection I dreaded is not going to happen when we thought. That means there will be time to lounge about as well. Thank goodness for small favours.

My library sent me, together with the monthly newsletter, a list of about 20 books that can be read in a day. Some judicious searching discovered 11 of them among my Kindle stash. Let’s see how many I’ll be able to get through until school resumes. I find the new Kindle (Fire) reader feature that calculates the time left in the chapter and/or the entire book, based on one’s reading speed, an incredibly useful tool in that. This five-year owner still doesn’t grok locations!

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