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Music Monday: Season of the Witch

It seemed like Nox Arcana hadn’t made an album suitable for Halloween in ages. (I know it’s only been two years since Gothic, but it has certainly felt like forever.) This teaser from Season of the Witch had me biting my nails in anticipation, and now that I’ve managed to listen to the whole album, there’s no disappointment to be found. A glorious return to form.


Music Monday: Callum Beattie

I know precisely nothing about Callum Beattie, but man, this song is an earworm of a class all of its own. Fan-tas-tic.

Music Monday: The Paso That Never Was

This song dominated my listening over the summer, and I couldn’t wait to see it used on Strictly, as I was sure it would be. Who would have known it would become the disappointment of the season? First, it was assigned as a cha-cha-cha, while anyone with half a musical ear can hear a perfect paso doble here. Second, it was absolutely butchered, both as a song and as a dance (get your act together, Charlotte!). Sticking with the original, now and forever.

Music Monday: September roundup

1. Skillet (217)
2. Fall Out Boy (191)
3. Darksun (146)

Music Monday: Save Rock and Roll

An absolutely awesome album by Fall Out Boy that somehow I managed to completely miss when it came out and only discovered through the games my son plays on his computer. Ah well, you’re never too old for pop punk.

FOB have turned the entire album into a brilliantly wacky film (with some shuffling of the tracklist) that you absolutely need to watch, starting here. For this post, I’m content to emphasise their hilariously ‘whaaaaat?’ lyrics.

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