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Music Monday: 2016 roundup!

Since there’s no annual review this year on WP, I might as well share the artists I scrobbled most on Music has been the only consistently positive thing throughout a monumentally crappy year, after all.

1. Blind Guardian (967)

2. Anonymous 4 (966)

3. Nightwish (887)

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Elevation of the Holy Cross


Selfish Saturday: The travelling writer


It’s been a long time since I last bothered to put anything in this slot. There has been a period of dissociation, when I felt that nothing that happened mattered enough to be noted, as if their impact was cushioned. Apathy, pure and simple.

I’m mobilising again because Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner and another Owl City Chronicle wants to be written. As if that were not enough, I’m finally heading back home to Athens for my first visit in over 4 years. After that kind of deprivation, I’m bracing for a stimulation overload – linguistic, cultural, interpersonal, all possible kinds. Changes will happen while I’m away. I can only hope they won’t be for the worse.

So the whole of April, like every time I go down into a writing project, will be no-new-material time. There will be bites from DailyOM to give people chances at little epiphanies as well. Back with the regular programming in May – and since May opens with Orthodox Easter, there might be more than one resurrection on the cards.

Wordless Wednesday: In healing of soul and body


Wordless Wednesday: Go fly a kite

Clean Monday. Kites on Pnyx hill near Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Clean Monday. Kites on Pnyx hill near Acropolis, Athens, Greece

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