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Music Monday: March roundup

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a tie before on this chart, but numbers do have a sense of humour. Extra videos around!

1. HIM (146)
2. Evanescence (129)
3. Diary of Dreams (116)
3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (116)


Music is certainly the fuel of creative insanity

An entry completely out of order (because why not?) to pay tribute to the artists whose twisted visions of the world fuelled my latest NaNoWriMo project. It’s been a difficult gestation, and the music choices, logged by trustworthy, reflect that. Lots of Mittelalter-Rock, which sounds a lot better than the apparently oxymoronic ‘medieval metal’, on top of the usual spooky and/or epic stuff, all seasoned with girl anger. It’s a heady mix.

1. Nox Arcana (421)

2. Midnight Syndicate (271)

3. Adrian von Ziegler (248)

4. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows (196)

5. Letzte Instanz (159)

6. Blind Guardian (147)

7. Saltatio Mortis (141)

8. Nightwish (138)

9. Subway to Sally (138)

10. Schandmaul (131)

11. Emilie Autumn (121)

12. Mediaeval Baebes (105)

13. Epica (86)

Music Monday: Krampus music!

No, not really, but come on, who would expect Midnight Syndicate to do regular Christmas music? Not I! Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering made me (quite happily) break my habit of not playing Christmas music before December is in. After all, any day is a good day to freak out the mainstream!

The Adventure of the Deserted Residence

“A wonderful story, as you say; an extraordinary sequence and play of coincidence. I confess that your expressions when you first showed me the Gold Tiberius were not exaggerated. But do you think that Walters has really some fearful fate to dread?”

“I cannot say. Who can presume to predict events when life itself puts on the robe of coincidence and plays at drama? Perhaps we have not yet reached the last chapter in the queer story. But, look, we are drawing near to the verge of London; there are gaps, you see, in the serried ranks of brick, and a vision of green fields beyond.”

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The History of the Young Man with Spectacles (part 3/3)

I did not find Mr. Headley an agreeable man; indeed, he grumbled the whole way. He informed me of his name, and I took care to say, “The well-known antiquary?” and thenceforth I was compelled to listen to the history of his complicated squabbles with publishers, who had treated him, as he said, disgracefully. The man was a chapter in the Irritability of Authors. He told me that he had been on the point of making the fortune of several firms, but had been compelled to abandon the design owing to their rank ingratitude. Besides these ancient histories of wrong and the more recent misadventure of the cabman, he had another grievous complaint to make. As he came along in the train, he had been sharpening a pencil, and the sudden jolt of the engine as it drew up at a station had driven the penknife against his face, inflicting a small triangular wound just on the cheek-bone, which he showed me. He denounced the railway company, and heaped imprecations on the head of the driver, and talked of claiming damages. Thus he grumbled all the way, not noticing in the least where he was going, and so inamiable did his conduct appear to me that I began to enjoy the trick I was playing on him.

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