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Music Monday: June roundup

With the brand new Lacuna Coil album (awe-some) and Tarja EP (meh, let’s hope the full-length album will be better) out this month, and a friend tipping me off to the existence of Showtime, Storytime (woefully under-advertised live DVD of Nightwish’s set at Wacken Open Air Festival 2013 – yes, recorded in a single take, and the only chance for any of us who can’t attend concerts to hear Floor Jansen in old material), the results are no surprise. Metal girls rule!

1. Lacuna Coil (175)
2. After Forever (146)
3. Within Temptation (143)


Music Monday: Showtime, Storytime

Music Monday: September roundup

A month of old stalwarts, is September. After a long time without music, the favourites are what I want to listen to first. So, no surprises there. That’s how the numbers on my stat page got built up. Loud guitars and powerful voices.

1. Nightwish (198)
2. Blind Guardian (195)
3. Epica (136)

Music Monday: The year’s lists

Another year is nearly over, and, once more, the most-played lists of December and the yearly roundup are remarkably overlapping. Well, of course they are. They wouldn’t be my favourites otherwise!

Without further ado, top artists for December:

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra (325)
2. Blind Guardian (183)
3. Epica (177)

And the cumulative top-10 for 2014:

1. Blind Guardian (1047)
2. Nightwish (894)
3. Epica (841)
4. Loreena McKennitt (716)
5. Nox Arcana (447)
6. Anonymous 4 (426)
7. Trans-Siberian Orchestra (325)
8. Whitesnake (311)
9. Queensrÿche (262)
10. Lacuna Coil (238)

Happy New Year!

Music Monday: December roundup

Isn’t this the perfect day for such a post? Especially when the numbers are so predictable.

I’m extra happy that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra had new material out this year, even though a five-track EP is nowhere near enough. Still, they’d top my list even without it, as my Christmas wouldn’t be complete without their albums on repeat. Well, I listen to them year-round, just not to overdose. In December, I need them to drown out the noise from all the popstars murdering innocent Christmas tunes in the name of celebrity.

I’ve said before that, as single albums go, Loreena McKennitt’s A Midwinter Night’s Dream is the best Christmas-themed work ever recorded. Not a duff track on it. Enya, Sarah Brightman and Katherine Jenkins come close, but none of them made it to distinction this year. It’s a mood thing that pushed Within Temptation higher – a mood that kept wanting to listen to them live and preferably unplugged.

Have a great New Year!

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra (110)
2. Loreena McKennitt (90)
3. Within Temptation (87)

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