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Selfish Saturday: The travelling writer


It’s been a long time since I last bothered to put anything in this slot. There has been a period of dissociation, when I felt that nothing that happened mattered enough to be noted, as if their impact was cushioned. Apathy, pure and simple.

I’m mobilising again because Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner and another Owl City Chronicle wants to be written. As if that were not enough, I’m finally heading back home to Athens for my first visit in over 4 years. After that kind of deprivation, I’m bracing for a stimulation overload – linguistic, cultural, interpersonal, all possible kinds. Changes will happen while I’m away. I can only hope they won’t be for the worse.

So the whole of April, like every time I go down into a writing project, will be no-new-material time. There will be bites from DailyOM to give people chances at little epiphanies as well. Back with the regular programming in May – and since May opens with Orthodox Easter, there might be more than one resurrection on the cards.

Selfish Saturday: Closed for summer

backsoonAnother year of this self-created tradition: there will be no original waffling during August. Priorities have shifted towards family time, outdoor pursuits (as far as Great British Summer weather will allow) and reading the words of others without relaying them. There will be DailyOM snippets for those who bother to drop by, and before you know it, September will be here and regular activity will resume. Until then, enjoy!

Selfish Saturday: (Some) missions accomplished

Keep+Calm+and+Cross+It+OffSchool’s out. No more keeping up with arrangements for the young one. At least for six weeks. Now I just have to survive these six weeks with next-to-zero privacy…

The dental appointment was kept, the tooth was pulled. It was surprisingly quick and struggle-free. I’m still getting used to the gap, but I’m almost back to normal, less than three days after.

The NaNo project is completed and validated. The sequel went so well, I actually have ideas for two more. I’m beginning to understand how pro writers create book series… I think.

There is work to be done around the house, but not as much as I anticipated, since the inspection I dreaded is not going to happen when we thought. That means there will be time to lounge about as well. Thank goodness for small favours.

My library sent me, together with the monthly newsletter, a list of about 20 books that can be read in a day. Some judicious searching discovered 11 of them among my Kindle stash. Let’s see how many I’ll be able to get through until school resumes. I find the new Kindle (Fire) reader feature that calculates the time left in the chapter and/or the entire book, based on one’s reading speed, an incredibly useful tool in that. This five-year owner still doesn’t grok locations!

Selfish Saturday: Tribal gathering

marqueeI had been sort of dreading the coming of last weekend for a long time. We were invited to a joint birthday party – my mother-in-law’s sister was turning 80 and her son 50, within a few days, so they were to throw a big bash at great-aunt’s South Wales place. There were so many ‘errrrrr’ elements for me there: a cross-country drive (and back) over a single weekend, in a heatwave, no less; as well as a whole load of family I had never met (and the husband, not for years, if not decades). Unfamiliar surroundings and people; you can’t possibly put me in a more stressful situation.

As it turned out, though, it all went mostly smoothly. We decided on a rental car, since our little dink no longer has air-conditioning or a sound system, and a small delay by someone else got us a big beast of a SUV at no extra charge. (Score!) The drive down was rather stressful, as we ran a bit late, hit Saturday traffic and only got to our hotel less than an hour before the party. I don’t think I’ve ever done the shower-groom-get dressed thing that fast!

At the party itself, the young one made himself instantly at home, off to play with his cousin’s kids, and I got introduced to lots of people with either the Welsh daftness I appreciate or the Yorkshire sharpness I appreciate even more. Good food, a buzz-but-no-hangover-inducing punch, and general acceptance in the sun. By 10pm, when we finally got back to the hotel, I was more than ready for bed, and I slept way better than on my battered mattress at home.

After glutton’s heaven (i.e. a buffet breakfast), the drive home was smooth sailing without any hitches. I hadn’t thought that spending about one-third of a 30-hour journey on the road could be that painless. I suspect spousal unit would consider a big beast like that, if it were within our budget.

Of course, after behaving over that weekend, my hayfever returned with a vengeance on Monday, enough that I had to reschedule my dental appointment from Wednesday to two weeks later, because there was no way I could keep my mouth open long enough without accidents.

This is the home stretch for the end of the school year, and one of the toughest times. Lots of PA’ing for the young one’s busy social life (even though this year he didn’t have a birthday party, and didn’t even bat an eyelid at missing the school fete to make it to Wales), and the heatwave still going strong. September can’t come quick enough.

Music Monday: June roundup

What can I say, it’s been very much a month for soundtracks. Every time a new Game of Thrones season is out, I make a point of revising all previous seasons – listening as well as watching. So first place is no surprise.

The second and third, though, are largely through my son’s influence. His interest in Star Wars waxes and wanes, with this month being definitely on the wax, and all it took was watching The Hobbit trilogy to remind me why I love Howard Shore’s work. (Must rewatch LotR trilogy, ASAP.)

1. Ramin Djawadi (142)
2. John Williams (117)
3. Howard Shore (73)

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