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Music Monday: Eurovision 2017 – Non-English highlights


Music Monday: Epic Eurovision interval acts

Music Monday: Eurovision 2016

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has come and gone. I managed to miss both semifinals and had to spend time on YouTube catching up with those that did not advance, but Saturday night was a fun party, as usual. As a whole, it’s been a good year. Sure, some of the nicest songs didn’t make it to the final (Finland, Moldova, Montenegro), while some that did were rather meh, but at least there were no cringeworthy stunts like Guido or Dustin the Turkey. I like the new point system as well, what with keeping up suspense until the last moment and all.

These were my personal favourites, in precise and particular order, which of course doesn’t overlap much at all with the official votes.

Music Monday: Eurovision Picks

These are my favourite moments from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. So sue me. Or enjoy, as the case might be.

Music Monday: Paula Seling & Ovi

This duo has represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest twice: in 2010 and 2014, placing 3rd and 12th respectively. I was disappointed this year; sure, ‘Miracle’ wasn’t as much of a powerhouse as ‘Playing With Fire’ was, but it deserved to do better. It lacked Paula in a leather catsuit, but did have the highest note in the entire competition, something Romanians seem to be specialising in, lately.

Either way, two lovely high-energy songs that should get more airplay.

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