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Storytime: The Frankenstein Teacher

Year: 1998
Author: Tony Bradman
Illustrator: Peter Kavanagh

High in the spooky mountains, a spooky storm was raging. In the heart of that spooky storm, there stood a spooky old castle. In that spooky old castle, there was a spooky laboratory. And in that spooky laboratory…

Something very, very spooky was going on.

Vast vats were hubbling and bubbling. Enormous machines were humming and thrumming. Colossal coils were whizzing and fizzing. And right in the middle of all that sound and fury was… The Doctor.

‘At last, the moment is near!’

He pulled a massive lever.

The roof opened wide to the night, and the wild wind came whistling in. Thunder crashed, lightning flashed… and ZAPPED! on to a metal rod. It sizzled down the wall, scorched across the floor, and jumped once more…

Straight into a strange shape under a sheet.

The Doctor threw some switches. Bright sparks flew, choking smoke billowed, and The Doctor checked his dials. He looked around–and then he smiled. Beneath the sheet there were definitely some… twitches.


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Music Monday: He’s the pilot!

Wordless Wednesday: It’s panto time!

Mercury Theatre

Storytime: Yo Ho Ho!

Year: 1996
Author: Marjorie Newman
Illustrator: Kate Sheppard

‘This is Mr Cutlass,’ said Mrs Smith, the headmistress. ‘He is your new teacher.’

Class 4 looked at their new teacher. He wasn’t like the other teachers. He wore a spotted scarf round his neck. And he had a parrot on his shoulder.

‘What’s the parrot’s name?’ asked Oko.

‘Nipper,’ said Mr Cutlass.

‘We don’t usually have pets in school,’ frowned Mrs Smith. ‘Mr Cutlass says Nipper will help with lessons.’

‘Ar. That he will,’ said Mr Cutlass.

Class 4 laughed. Mr Cutlass laughed, too. Nipper squawked, and flapped his wings.

Mrs Smith did not laugh.

‘I hope everything will be all right,’ she said. She walked out of the room.

Mr Cutlass winked at Class 4.

‘Right, mates! The first lesson is singing!’

He began to sing a loud sea song. Soon everyone in the room was singing loud sea songs. Nipper squawked, and flapped his wings.

‘He’s helping!’ said Mr Cutlass.

Class 4 laughed.

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The Dog – part 2

“Well, I went with him into his hut–and a hut it certainly was: poor, bare, crooked; only just holding together. On the wall there was an ikon of old workmanship as black as a coal; only the whites of the eyes gleamed in the faces. He took some round spectacles in iron frames out of a little table, put them on his nose, read the writing and looked at me again through the spectacles. ‘You have need of me?’ ‘I certainly have,’ I answered. ‘Well,’ said he, ‘if you have, tell it and we will listen.’ And, only fancy, he sat down and took a checked handkerchief out of his pocket, and spread it out on his knee, and the handkerchief was full of holes, and he looked at me with as much dignity as though he were a senator or a minister, and he did not ask me to sit down. And what was still stranger, I felt all at once awe-stricken, so awe-stricken… my soul sank into my heels. He pierced me through with his eyes and that’s the fact! I pulled myself together, however, and told him all my story. He was silent for a space, shrank into himself, chewed his lips and then questioned me just like a senator again, majestically, without haste. ‘What is your name?’ he asked. ‘Your age? What were your parents? Are you single or married?’ Then again he munched his lips, frowned, held up his finger and spoke: ‘Bow down to the holy ikon, to the honourable Saints Zossima and Savvaty of Solovki.’ I bowed down to the earth and did not get up in a hurry; I felt such awe for the man and such submission that I believe that whatever he had told me to do I should have done it on the spot!… I see you are grinning, gentlemen, but I was in no laughing mood then, I assure you. ‘Get up, sir,’ said he at last. ‘I can help you. This is not sent you as a chastisement, but as a warning; it is for your protection; someone is praying for your welfare. Go to the market now and buy a young dog and keep it by you day and night. Your visions will leave you and, moreover, that dog will be of use to you.’

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