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Music Monday: Breathe Carolina

Music Monday: Mwah!

Earworm alert! A nice bit of bounce for Moanday (which happens to be the first day of school here), as well!

Music Monday: Club nostalgia

It always gets me this time of year. As the heat goes up, I dig deeper into my music archives, for songs I enjoyed in years past. The summer, whether I get a long break or not (and I haven’t had one in over a decade), is the most likely time for me to remember the ’80s or ’90s. These samples, which, among others, entertained me last night, after an afternoon at a kiddie party, are slightly more recent, but the idea remains the same.

Music Monday: Avicii

This chap from Sweden has been my major distraction from my general Lenten playlists. He’s one of the very few DJs that I consider worthy of their superstar status. His entire album True is up on YouTube, for anyone who wants to have the whole picture; below are my own favourites from it. I won’t say there’s not a duff track on it; in fact, since each song is built around the guest vocalist (a half-dozen of them), there are several musical styles represented, not all of which will be to everyone’s liking. And that’s okay.

(But I still dare anyone to say they don’t like ‘Lay Me Down’. With Nile Rodgers in fine fettle and Adam Lambert tuned in just right, this is going to be the summer 2014 floorfiller.)

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