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Music Monday: December roundup

Extra-Christmasy edition!

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra (402)
2. Anonymous 4 (313)
3. Mediaeval Baebes (120)

Music Monday: December roundup

Little surprise here. The Anonymous 4 library has a lot of tracks, and this year most of them bled into December, instead of NaNo-ing November. Adrian von Ziegler is a new arrival to my charts, who has got all it takes to become a long-term favourite. But TSO, as usual, swept the board, because you just can’t beat those tunes, even 20 years later.

The holidays are times with little music, as I get little quiet time, so I’m looking forward to school resuming and leaving me free to explore my cache of new music. Next Monday, we will take a look at the year’s charts, and then head off into 2017 ready for old and new favourites to take their place on the list.

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra (571)
2. Anonymous 4 (434)
3. Adrian von Ziegler (391)

Music Monday: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is, by a landslide, my favourite Christmas music; that is no secret, especially to people who have been visiting here for more than one December past. I pull out their albums as soon as Advent kicks in (15 November, for us Orthodox weirdos) and play them on a loop until the New Year. Which makes for some phenomenal scrobble counts – you’ll see next week, in the roundup.

Which was why I was overjoyed at the release of The Ghosts of Christmas Eve a few weeks ago. Nothing new on there, but hey, another lineup for (some of) the old favourites. The album deviates in a couple of points from the set played in the film: I assume that contractual obstacles forced TSO to omit Jewel’s rendition of ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’ and Michael Crawford’s ‘O Holy Night’, replacing them with ‘Christmas Dreams’ and ‘What Child Is This?’, both from The Lost Christmas Eve, which hadn’t come out at the time of the original film. So the playlist is a tad more balanced, which is good news.

The film, in its entirety, is below. Do save up 46 minutes for it. It’s a misty-eyed affair from start to finish, at least for the fanboy and fangirl in this household.

Music Monday: December roundup

The only surprising thing here is the fact that Loreena McKennitt didn’t make it into the top 3, despite A Midwinter Night’s Dream being perhaps my single favourite holiday themed album ever. (She’s only a few plays behind, but behind she is.) TSO getting more play than anyone else on my top 10 list together is no surprise whatsoever.

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra (431)
2. Nox Arcana (63)
3. Anonymous 4 (61)

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Got the memo?


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