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Wordless Wednesday: Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus



Wordless Wednesday: Happy St Brigid’s Day!



Music Monday: 2016 roundup!

Since there’s no annual review this year on WP, I might as well share the artists I scrobbled most on Music has been the only consistently positive thing throughout a monumentally crappy year, after all.

1. Blind Guardian (967)

2. Anonymous 4 (966)

3. Nightwish (887)

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Sounds of Heaven

When a medieval German nun was struck at the age of 43 by a vision – flames descending upon her from heaven – it signified to her that she should write music. 900 years after her birth, the chant of Hildegard of Bingen has never been more alluring. Barry Witherden tells her story.

Circa 970 AD, just outside Bingen, Archbishop Hatto II was eaten by mice as punishment for mistreating his flock. In the late 1140s a more dignified kind of fame returned to the neighbourhood when Abbess Hildegard – Saint Hildegard, according to the Roman martyrology and some German diocese, though she was never formally canonised – established a new convent at Rupertsberg just a few miles away. Hildegard was born at Bemersheim in 1098, the tenth child of aristocratic parents who sent her to be educated at the Benedictine convent at Disibodenberg when she was eight. She stayed until about 1147, succeeding as prioress in 1136. By 1150 she had founded her own community at Rupertsberg. She had had visions since she was a child, but in her forty-third year she saw tongues of flames descending onto her from heaven. After a council appointed by the Archbishop of Mainz confirmed the authenticity of her revelations, a monk, Volmar, was commissioned to record them. He continued to act as her secretary at Rupertsberg, and collected 26 of her visions in Scivias (Know the Ways), completed in 1152.

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Music Monday: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is, by a landslide, my favourite Christmas music; that is no secret, especially to people who have been visiting here for more than one December past. I pull out their albums as soon as Advent kicks in (15 November, for us Orthodox weirdos) and play them on a loop until the New Year. Which makes for some phenomenal scrobble counts – you’ll see next week, in the roundup.

Which was why I was overjoyed at the release of The Ghosts of Christmas Eve a few weeks ago. Nothing new on there, but hey, another lineup for (some of) the old favourites. The album deviates in a couple of points from the set played in the film: I assume that contractual obstacles forced TSO to omit Jewel’s rendition of ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’ and Michael Crawford’s ‘O Holy Night’, replacing them with ‘Christmas Dreams’ and ‘What Child Is This?’, both from The Lost Christmas Eve, which hadn’t come out at the time of the original film. So the playlist is a tad more balanced, which is good news.

The film, in its entirety, is below. Do save up 46 minutes for it. It’s a misty-eyed affair from start to finish, at least for the fanboy and fangirl in this household.

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