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Storytime: Super-Saver Mouse

Year: 1999
Author: Sandi Toksvig
Illustrator: George Hollingworth

Boris was a tube mouse. He lived in the tube. Not in a tube of sweets. He had tried living in a tube of sweets and it was not at all comfortable. No, Boris lived in the tube of London.

The tube is what people in London call the underground railway. A lot of mice live in the tube. If you look carefully you can see them scurrying about in the tunnels and under the raised train tracks. Tube mice are tiny but they eat a lot. This is not a problem because there is plenty of food. People are always dropping a bit of bread roll here or a scrap of chocolate there. It may look like rubbish to some but it is a three-course dinner to a little mouse.

The tube is made up of lots of different railway lines all criss-crossing under the city. Boris learned about it from his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Garibaldi. He lived in an old biscuit packet on the Bakerloo line and knew everything.

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Storytime: Space Race

Year: 1997
Author: Malorie Blackman
Illustrator: Colin Mier

The Challenge
Lizzie loved living on the Astra Space Station. All her friends on Earth were so jealous when her family moved out there. Lizzie had soon made lots of new friends and it was great fun. There was just one problem. Jake! All he did was brag and show off.

Today he was at it again, boasting about his brand new, super duper, fat-ace, deluxe spaceship. ‘It’s got the latest computer so all I have to do is tell it where I want to go and when I want to get there and the computer does the rest. And my new ship is fast because it runs on diamond fuel. It’s one of the first ships anywhere on this space station to run on diamond fuel,’ said Jake.

Huh! If he was any more pleased with himself he’d pop like a balloon, Lizzie thought to herself.

‘I bet I’ve got the best spaceship in the whole school,’ Jake continued. He looked around the classroom. ‘It’s a lot better than any of your ships, that’s for sure.’

Lizzie had had enough. ‘Jake, I bet my ship could beat yours any day.’

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Storytime: Snow Dog

Year: 2001
Author: Malorie Blackman
Illustrator: Sami Sweeten

Grandad’s Idea
Nicky lived with her mum and her dad in a beautiful house with lots of rooms. The house had a big garden at the front and an even bigger garden at the back. But Nicky was miserable.

She didn’t mind not having any brothers or sisters, but there was one thing she wanted more than anything else in the world.

‘Mum, please can I have a dog?’

‘You must be joking, sweet pea,’ sniffed Nicky’s mum as she hunted for her handbag.

‘Why not?’

‘Because a dog would make a mess of our carpets,’ said Nicky’s mum, as she searched in her handbag for her front door keys.

‘We could make a kennel for it in our back garden,’ Nicky tried.

‘In the garden?’ Nicky’s mum was horrified. ‘Where it could dig up my tulips and my pansies and my roses? Are you crazy? I don’t think so, poppet.’

And Mum rushed off to work.

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Storytime: Shredder

Year: 2004
Author: Jonathan Kebbe
Illustrator: Sarah Nayler

I’m Shredder, the class gerbil. I’m furry and twitchy and tame. I’m no bigger than a bar of soap, and I live in a glass tank in Miss Kimberly’s classroom.

I’m called Shredder because that’s what I do. I shred paper and cardboard with my tiny teeth, filling my home with soft litter. Look closely and you’ll see all the tunnels I’ve made in the litter, and a cosy little nest in the corner.

It gets lonely sometimes. Every morning I run around, hoping to meet another gerbil but I never do. I get scared too, because Mr Blister, the new headteacher, doesn’t like me.

He came in this morning and said to Miss Kimberly, ‘I wish you’d get rid of that nasty little creature.’

Nasty? I’m not nasty.

‘Oh, I couldn’t do that, Mr Blister,’ whispered Miss Kimberly, who is small and plump and terribly nervous. ‘The children would be so upset.’

‘Upset? Nonsense! said Mr Blister, turning to face the class. All the children shrank in their seats, because Mr Blister looked like the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.

‘I like a nice, clean school,’ he said, smiling sweetly. ‘And classroom pets are smelly and dirty. This one certainly is,’ he sniffed.

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Storytime: Dogbird

Year: 2004
Author: Paul Stewart
Illustrator: Tony Ross

It was lunchtime. Alice Carey was sitting at a table with her mum and dad. The radio was on, but the music was drowned out by the sound of howling.

‘That wretched bird is driving me round the bend!’ Dad muttered.

At that moment the door burst open, and Lex, Lol and Lance – the family’s three black labradors – bounded into the room and barked up at the bird-cage.

Alice’s mum jumped up. As she did so, the table-cloth got caught round her leg, and the whole lot – plates of lasagne, glasses of water and orange squash, knives and forks, salt and pepper – came crashing to the floor.

‘That’s it!’ her dad stormed. ‘That bird has got to go!’

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