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Storytime: The Troublesome Tooth Fairy

Year: 2000
Author: Sandi Toksvig
Illustrator: Georgien Overwater

Jessica’s granny wasn’t like other grannies. She never wore a shawl or a flowery dress or sensible shoes to help bad feet. In fact, the day Jessica went to see Granny about her tooth, Granny was wearing a cowboy outfit. Granny was in her kitchen but she wasn’t doing granny things like knitting or cooking. She was dancing. It was a Tuesday and Granny went line dancing on Tuesdays.

‘Granny,’ said Jessica, a bit excited, ‘it’s happened!’

‘That’s wonderful,’ exclaimed Granny. Then she leant forward and whispered, ‘What has?’

Jessica smiled at her. Right in the middle of her mouth was a large gap.

‘My tooth has come out!’

Jessica felt in her pocket and pulled out a small piece of tissue paper. Inside was a small but perfect white tooth, which, that morning, had been helping Jessica to eat an apple.

‘That’s marvellous,’ declared Granny, doing a short tap dance in her cowboy boots. ‘I think this calls for champagne, don’t you?’

Jessica nodded. She knew it wasn’t real champagne but they had the drink in champagne glasses anyway.

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Storytime: The Frankenstein Teacher

Year: 1998
Author: Tony Bradman
Illustrator: Peter Kavanagh

High in the spooky mountains, a spooky storm was raging. In the heart of that spooky storm, there stood a spooky old castle. In that spooky old castle, there was a spooky laboratory. And in that spooky laboratory…

Something very, very spooky was going on.

Vast vats were hubbling and bubbling. Enormous machines were humming and thrumming. Colossal coils were whizzing and fizzing. And right in the middle of all that sound and fury was… The Doctor.

‘At last, the moment is near!’

He pulled a massive lever.

The roof opened wide to the night, and the wild wind came whistling in. Thunder crashed, lightning flashed… and ZAPPED! on to a metal rod. It sizzled down the wall, scorched across the floor, and jumped once more…

Straight into a strange shape under a sheet.

The Doctor threw some switches. Bright sparks flew, choking smoke billowed, and The Doctor checked his dials. He looked around–and then he smiled. Beneath the sheet there were definitely some… twitches.


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Wordless Wednesday: It’s panto time!

Mercury Theatre

Storytime: Yo Ho Ho!

Year: 1996
Author: Marjorie Newman
Illustrator: Kate Sheppard

‘This is Mr Cutlass,’ said Mrs Smith, the headmistress. ‘He is your new teacher.’

Class 4 looked at their new teacher. He wasn’t like the other teachers. He wore a spotted scarf round his neck. And he had a parrot on his shoulder.

‘What’s the parrot’s name?’ asked Oko.

‘Nipper,’ said Mr Cutlass.

‘We don’t usually have pets in school,’ frowned Mrs Smith. ‘Mr Cutlass says Nipper will help with lessons.’

‘Ar. That he will,’ said Mr Cutlass.

Class 4 laughed. Mr Cutlass laughed, too. Nipper squawked, and flapped his wings.

Mrs Smith did not laugh.

‘I hope everything will be all right,’ she said. She walked out of the room.

Mr Cutlass winked at Class 4.

‘Right, mates! The first lesson is singing!’

He began to sing a loud sea song. Soon everyone in the room was singing loud sea songs. Nipper squawked, and flapped his wings.

‘He’s helping!’ said Mr Cutlass.

Class 4 laughed.

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Storytime: Super-Saver Mouse

Year: 1999
Author: Sandi Toksvig
Illustrator: George Hollingworth

Boris was a tube mouse. He lived in the tube. Not in a tube of sweets. He had tried living in a tube of sweets and it was not at all comfortable. No, Boris lived in the tube of London.

The tube is what people in London call the underground railway. A lot of mice live in the tube. If you look carefully you can see them scurrying about in the tunnels and under the raised train tracks. Tube mice are tiny but they eat a lot. This is not a problem because there is plenty of food. People are always dropping a bit of bread roll here or a scrap of chocolate there. It may look like rubbish to some but it is a three-course dinner to a little mouse.

The tube is made up of lots of different railway lines all criss-crossing under the city. Boris learned about it from his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Garibaldi. He lived in an old biscuit packet on the Bakerloo line and knew everything.

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