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Selfish Saturday: Breathing better in a tent?

nanotentHayfever caught up with me in the early days of the month, and boy, has it been brutal. I’ve been getting those bouts of shortness of breath every few days, and I know know them for what they are – asthma. My nose has been blocked solid for most of this time, despite concentrated efforts with antihistamines and decongestants, to the point of getting that nasal twang in my speech that normally needs a clothespeg over the nose to achieve. I even had to lay off the mouthwash, because, since I can only breathe through my mouth, I can’t keep it closed long enough for an effective rinse; it would be like holding my breath for a minute. Not happening.

On top of it, my eyes feel like someone has plucked them out, rolled them in sand and popped them back in, one at a time. As a rule, one eye is fine, while the other is itching madly and watering uncontrollably. After a night’s sleep, they switch places. Repeat until I feel like gouging both of them out, to be done with it all.

In the middle of such misery, though, I’ve signed up for the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo. Stories have their own way of making themselves a priority. I’m tackling a sequel for the first time; I’d never done that even in November. Hopefully, the race to the word count finish line will help me forget about being miserably congested. Well, that, and I expect the allergies to clear as July comes in, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem there…


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