Music Monday: February roundup

It’s one of those slightly awkward months, when roundup time seems to come too soon, but meh. The way I’m cruising, not much is going to change in the next 4 days.

It’s been a pretty equal mix of new fangirlism and nostalgia. I’m still listening to Beyond the Red Mirror every day; I’ve picked out a couple of favourites (‘Prophecies’ and ‘Miracle Machine’ mostly), but it’s a pretty solid all-around work, with plenty of mileage to be got out of it. Just like the good old times.

One little blast from the past on the radio sent me hurtling down memory lane at full pelt, revisiting Sandra’s entire discography. I hadn’t done so in a while, and I had forgotten the conundrum that her post-Cretu work is. Actually, her latest albums – Back to Life (2009) and Stay in Touch (2012) – have the best actual songwriting of her career. No cookie-cutters there, and she’s stepping as far out of her niche as she was ever likely to go. The old, pre-1992 material is a lot like all the rest the German pop music mill was grinding out at the time, but they’re so saturated with memories that I can’t keep my distance. Talk about torn.

Morian are a mix of the two trends. I’m still squeeing over discovering their sophomore work, even two years late, and that has dragged their amazing debut out for more replays as well. I hope someone gives them a breakthrough in the west; they deserve it.

1. Blind Guardian (121)
2. Sandra (117)
3. Morian (88)


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