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The Three Impostors: Prologue

“And Mr. Joseph Walters is going to stay the night?” said the smooth clean-shaven man to his companion, an individual not of the most charming appearance, who had chosen to make his ginger-colored mustache merge into a pair of short chin-whiskers.

The two stood at the hall door, grinning evilly at each other; and presently a girl ran quickly down, the stairs, and joined them. She was quite young, with a quaint and piquant rather than a beautiful face, and her eyes were of a shining hazel. She held a neat paper parcel in one hand, and laughed with her friends.

“Leave the door open,” said the smooth man to the other, as they were going out. “Yes, by —-,” he went on with an ugly oath. “We’ll leave the front door on the jar. He may like to see company, you know.”

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NaNoWriMo and Classic Gothic Horror

Participant-2014-Square-ButtonIt’s November already! Which means that, as usual, all regular column activity here will cease, while the Waffler keeps her internal editor bound and gagged in the cellar, so she doesn’t meddle with another 50K word draft.

Meanwhile, you will be kept entertained with a daily dose of a classic work of turn-of-the-last-century horror, to match the story the Waffler will be developing: Arthur Machen’s The Three Impostors (1895). It could be called a novel, because there is an overarching narrative, but the bulk of the action happens not to the title characters but to those in the stories they narrate throughout. The length of those stories varies wildly, from a few paragraphs to novella-size – it is actually here that Machen’s most acclaimed novellas (‘The Novel of the Black Seal’ and ‘The Novel of the White Powder’) appear.

Enjoy chills and thrills, and see you in December!

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