Music Monday: Genesis on the side

So this is the reason behind the Genesis documentary I mentioned last time… promoting the release of R-Kive, a 3-disc boxed set with highlights from the band’s entire career, as well as members’ side projects. It’s these side projects I feel like highlighting today, because they can be more entertaining than the main gig.

Mike + The Mechanics were always my favourite such side job. Sure, nothing they did would rock the foundations of the musical establishment with its originality, but they were always simple, honest and entertaining, making great music for summer evenings and long drives, and the public rewarded them with big hits.

Peter Gabriel started going from strength to strength once he had left Genesis behind; at least, to my ears, ‘his own’ that he came into, while whimsical, was nowhere near as weird as the high prog days. Phil Collins, on the other hand, is too much of a mixed bag for me. Some of his songs are awesome, some pretentious as heck, some just sentimental schmaltz. I can’t listen through one entire album of his without wincing at least once.

I left Tony Banks for last, because until R-Kive I had no idea that he had turned his hand to classical music! While Bankstatement (1989) and Still (1991) were nice mainstream works, at a time I’m particularly fond of, I’ll take Seven: A Suite for Orchestra (2004) or Six Pieces for Orchestra (2012) any day (but I’ll leave it to you to look them up!).

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