Selfish Saturday: The healing power of Glastonbury

Pyramid stage at GlastonburyIt’s been a very busy couple of weeks. Between fighting hayfever, juggling the young one’s social life (which, this time of the year, is busier than mine to a shameful degree) and racing to finish certain hefty library books that were running overdue, I ended up quite frazzled and unable to balance myself with my own writing. Thankfully, Glastonbury has come to the rescue.

Mind you, although I definitely want to visit the town and Chalice Well, but for now Glastonbury for me means only the music festival. That’s an event I don’t care to attend (I’m too old for camping in the mud), but watching it on TV has a real therapeutic effect.

One of my first indelible family memories involves lying sprawled at one end of the living room sofa, this very day back in 2008, with husband at the other end and our three-day-old son between us, watching Eddy Grant’s set and feeling his infectious good humour and vibe reaching through the screen and lifting my spirits. Exactly six years later, just as I’m typing this, I’m alone in the same living room, both husband and son in bed, listening to (and watching at intervals) Metallica owning the Pyramid Stage. If I’m feeling so electrified from a distance, I can only guess how the audience is feeling.

Making sure I get to listen to feel-good music every day during the summer holidays, whether I have alone time or not, has just been bumped to top priority.


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