Selfish Saturday: Well, so much for that…

molecule3d_lansoprazoleMy efforts to stay medication-free this year, that is. I went to the doctor, troubled by some acid reflux, abdominal pain and a lump, which sent my normally glass-half-empty mind into a tailspin of fear as to what such symptoms can mean. The doctor promptly put me on a four-week course of a proton pump inhibitor (lansoprazole, the molecule up there) and instructed me to go back once that is over. He observed that the meds were likely to take care of the problems for good, but if they didn’t, some tests would be in order. At least he didn’t attempt to reassure me and leave it at that.

I know that daily anxiety isn’t doing me any good. The main reason for such anxiety (and its resulting problems over the last four years) has been taken care of, courtesy of spousal unit’s bosses, but there are still short bursts of different kinds of stress, like the young one’s accidents – two in as many days, granting plenty of scrapes and bruises – and a 15-hour outage of both our internet and phone, that set me all twitching.

I’ll be glad when the long weekend is over; so far it has been clearly underwhelming. And, now that the weather is playing ball, I’d better pick up my yoga practice again in earnest. Hopefully, this month on lansoprazole will be the only long-term medication for this year.


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