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Selfish Saturday: Rotting

'Why Did You Leave?' by kaykay4321@deviantart

‘Why Did You Leave?’ by kaykay4321@deviantart

The last month or so has been a nightmare. The area is definitely better off than the West Country (check the news as to why), but the near-endless rain has taken its toll big time.

The school run has become an extreme sport – trying to cover those four daily miles without being entirely soaked and promptly frozen is nearly impossible. Don’t even get me started on the antisocial so-and-so’s who, just because they’re in a tin can with wheels, think they own the road. I’m sure it’s very funny to speed up when going through puddles and drench both me and the boy just outside his school, but the joke will be on you when I snap and lob a stone through your back window. The rage is off the charts.

I have a persistent cough that I can’t shake in this humidity. It eases up a little over the weekend, when I don’t have to go out much, and then the school run in the downpour resumes and I’m back to square one. And, naturally, I can’t pick up my yoga practice while that goes on, because I’d end up dislocating something that is not designed to relocate.

Worst of all, I’m totally drained of energy. It’s not just sunless, it’s lightless, and it’s hard even to imagine being upbeat, or even simply warm, again. I’m as far from a sun bunny as they come, but I’m catching myself daydreaming about going home to Athens in the summer and just soaking up the sunshine. Also, seriously considering going to my doctor for something to deal with the mood swings, before I go completely off the wall. So much for being medication-free.

Snow-shovelling Americans are free to strangle that pesky groundhog, but who am I going to take out my frustrations on?


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